【FLAC/album】Steps – What the Future Holds Pt.2

【FLAC/album】Steps – What the Future Holds Pt.2


01 Take Me for a Ride.flac
02 Heartbreak in This City (Single Mix).flac
03 Wasted Tears.flac
04 A Hundred Years of Winter.flac
05 Living in a Lie.flac
06 A Million Years.flac
07 Trouble & Love.flac
08 Victorious.flac
09 Kiss of Life.flac
10 High.flac
11 The Slightest Touch.flac
12 What the Future Holds (Acoustic).flac
13 Something in Your Eyes (Acoustic).flac
14 To the Beat of My Heart (Acoustic).flac
15 Heartbreak in This City (Acoustic).flac
16 Take Me for a Ride (Initial Talk Remix Edit).flac
17 What the Future Holds (7th Heaven) [Edit].flac
18 Father’s Eyes (Shanghai Surprize) [Edit].flac
19 To the Beat of My Heart (Shortland Tropical Remix).flac
20 Wasted Tears (Initial Talk Remix) [Edit].flac
21 Clouds (Conway Remix) [Edit].flac
22 Heartbreak in This City (Saint Remix) [Edit].flac
23 Something in Your Eyes (7th Heaven Remix) [Edit].flac
24 Under My Skin (Shortland Remix) [Edit].flac